It Started at a Picnic Table…

The evolution of Right at Home Realty, started at a plastic picnic table in the empty boardroom at the single office Brokerage on Don Mills Road in 2004. This office would later become the Corporate Office for Right at Home Realty.

Howard Drukarsh, Broker, Co-Founder, President and Broker of Record, Ron Peddicord, Co-Founder and Chairman, and the late Arthur Bartram, Co-Founder started talking about a new concept in real estate that was unusual to the standard Brokerage found in Canada.

Based on a US model, which the late Arthur Bartram saw while vacationing in Florida, the three decided to shake up the Canadian Real Estate sector with a model that would change the way Realtors do business in the future. This model put more power and commission in the hands of agents by offering a low monthly fee, and a modest transaction fee on every deal and allowed the agent to keep 100% of their commission with no franchise fees.

One of the biggest barriers for the partners when they first started was persuading agents to join, because the deal sounded too good to be true. “What is the catch?” was a familiar response to the partners when they started and agents were surprised that there was no catch it was the real deal. The first office opened on Don Mills Road in Toronto, now the corporate office location and the second office followed shortly in Mississauga.

Today Right at Home Realty is the largest independent brokerage in Canada with over 4,000 agents and 7 highly visible retail offices across the GTA with state of the art technology, to meet the needs of today’s real estate agent. Corporately owned and operated with five Board of Directors made up of very successful businesspeople from a variety of backgrounds, including; asset management, architecture, corporate development and real estate. The scope of the Board’s experience is one of the building blocks of Right at Home Realty’s success.

Right at Home Realty has been the #1 brokerage in the GTA in combined units sold since 2013. The Brokerage operates its own call centre, centralized deal-processing centre, and processed over 16,000 transactions in 2016 alone.