• Current Right at Home Realty Sales Representatives can take a “Join the #1 Brokerage in the GTA’” business card from their branches reception desk. Members can also print one using the link below. Be sure to put your name on the card. Download  
  • Give it to the Sales Representative you would like to refer and have them contact a branch to join.
  • Make sure the Sales Representative you referred gives the Branch Manager the referral card with your name on it. 

Every time you refer a realtor, you will receive a $295 credit to your account, so feel free to refer as many realtors as you want.

The benefits to our current realtors is a credit of:

  • $295.00 per referral that signs and stays more than 3 months with a RAH Brokerage.
  • Credit will be applied on the first of the month following the 3-month period.

The benefits for the transfer or new realtor:

  • Business cards (500 pcs)
  • 1 For Sale sign