With Right at Home you immediately see the commission advantage over other brokerages when you receive your first commission. Below is a chart identifying the difference in commission splits between Right at Home and other brokerages. At Right at Home you only pay $350 per transaction and $99 per month for office services. No hidden charges or fees!

Calculate your potential commission by factoring both total fees and commission splits. Other brokerage can have hidden fees. We don’t! Choosing Right at Home gives you the financial flexibility to inject more money into your business or keep more for yourself. You do 100% of the work so you deserve 100% of the commission. Contact one of our branch managers today to learn more!

Gross CommissionAgent SplitYour current take home*Your take home with RAHRAH Advantage

*Your current take home examples as described above are hypothetical and individual REALTORS® commission splits may vary.

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